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Solar panel installation

Your Trusted Renewable Energy Experts

Renewable Energy Management Ltd is a leading provider of comprehensive renewable energy solutions based in the North East of England. We're trusted installers of solar panels, battery storage, air source heat pumps, EV charging, ground source heat pumps and underfloor heating.

Bringing sustainable energy to homes across the North East. 

Why Should You Switch To Solar?

Solar Panel Installation

Save up to 70% on your energy bills

Installing solar panels in the UK can significantly reduce homeowners' electricity bills by generating their own clean and renewable energy.


Reduce your
carbon footprint

Solar panels produce clean energy by harnessing the power of sunlight, which helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decreases carbon emissions.

Solar panel installers

Energy independence

Solar panels provide homeowners with a level of energy independence by reducing their dependence on traditional energy sources. Generating electricity on-site means being less susceptible to fluctuations in energy prices and potential disruptions in the grid.

Think You Are Eligible For The ECO4 Scheme?

The ECO4 scheme provides grants to fund energy-efficient upgrades to homes reducing emissions, electricity and energy bills. You may qualify on a fully-funded basis under the ECO4 Scheme.

Think You Are Eligible For Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) Scheme?

With the Home Upgrade Grant, you can upgrade your home and reduce your energy bills while helping to protect the environment.

MCS Certified
NAPIT Certified
TRUSTMARK Government Endorsed Quality
HIES Consumer Code

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