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Solar Panel Sizes, Dimensions & Wattages In The UK

One of the most important considerations when obtaining solar panels for your home is the specific size and dimensions of the panels. While there is a plethora of technical information available on solar panel installation, the topic need not be daunting.

On this page, we will simplify everything you need to know, eschewing any complicated jargon. If you're prepared to begin the process of acquiring solar panels, we can assist you in taking the next step as REM are solar installers who possess both the necessary expertise and competitive pricing.

Undertaking your own research is advantageous for managing your energy needs, but engaging a professional solar panel installer can greatly simplify and expedite the process.

Get in touch with us today and our industry experts will recommend the most suitable solar panel system size and dimensions for your home and provide a competitive installation quote, saving you countless hours of research.

solar panels on a roof

Solar Panel Sizes & Dimensions

While the terms 'solar panel size' and 'solar panel dimensions' may appear similar, they have distinct differences that are crucial for every solar panel owner to understand. Grasping this distinction is key to answering significant questions such as “How large is a solar panel in the UK?”, “How many solar panels do I need?” and “How much do solar panels cost?”.

 PV Panel Size

Measured in wattage (W)

 Indicates the total power a solar panel can generate over time, typically calculated by multiplying the panel's voltage by its amperage

Solar Panel Dimensions

Usually measured in millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), or metres (m)

Pertains to the physical size of the solar panel, determined by measuring the length, width, and height (thickness) of each panel, including the frame

In the UK, solar panel dimensions and sizes vary depending on the manufacturer and panel type. There is no universal size or dimension, which, while complicating matters, also offers greater flexibility in how and where you deploy your solar panels.

The dimensions of a panel do not necessarily correlate directly with its power output. Although more powerful panels might require larger dimensions to accommodate more solar cells, the market offers a wide range of variations.

It's important to note that while you can select a solar panel based on size and dimension, prioritising the size is crucial as it determines the energy generation capacity. However, flexibility in choosing dimensions is somewhat limited. Regardless, your choices will always be constrained by the available roof space for the panels.

Solar Panel Sizes: Average PV Panel Sizes in the UK

Standard Size in the UK (Residential)

Standard Size in the UK (Commercial)

250W – 400W

400W – 600W

The data above differentiates between the average size ranges for residential and commercial settings, based on products from leading manufacturers like SunPower, Panasonic, Trina Solar, and Jinko Solar.

The number of panels you will need depends on the desired size of your solar system (i.e., the total energy requirement). Common system sizes include 3kW, 4kW, and 5kW. For example, a typical 2kW system suitable for 1-3 people would require between 5 and 8 panels, assuming optimal positioning and efficiency and around 4 hours of sunlight per day. Alternatively, a 6kW solar system with a battery is recommended for households with 5 or more people in the UK.

Solar Panel Size Chart

In the chart below, we break down standard solar PV panel sizes by their average cost range. Note that these are the sizes and prices for individual panels, not entire systems. To sufficiently power your home, multiple panels are necessary.

Solar panel standard sizes and rough costs





£100 - £400

£200 - £500

£300 - £600

£400 - £700

Remember, these prices are estimates based on real installations. The actual cost of a panel can vary due to factors like quality, type, brand, supplier, and installation complexity. You can potentially reduce costs by checking your eligibility for solar panel grants, such as the ECO4 scheme, which allows for system installation in exchange for replacing an inefficient heating system.

Solar Panel Dimensions in the UK

The term 'solar panel dimensions' refers to the physical size of the panel, typically in terms of length, width, and height. While there isn’t usually a wide variety or standard dimension range, we've examined popular solar panel models to establish standard dimensions for both residential and commercial purposes.

Standard Dimensions in the UK (Residential)

Standard Dimensions in the UK (Commercial)

189cm x 100cm x 3.99cm* (length x width x height)

195cm x 99cm x 3.81cm* (length x width x height)

*Note: These dimensions are from manufacturers like SunPower, Tesla, and Panasonic, and may vary slightly.

When planning a solar panel installation, it's essential to consider how many panels will comprise your system and the total roof space required. UK building regulations stipulate certain requirements for solar panel installations, including:

  • Not extending more than 200mm beyond the roof or wall.

  • The solar array not being larger than 9m2 and less than 4m in height.

  • Being positioned more than 5m away from the garden boundary.

How Heavy Are Solar Panels?

The weight of solar panels, including frames and mounting equipment, is another critical consideration. The standard weight in the UK is 18 – 21kg for residential and 22 – 30kg for commercial settings.

Most modern rooftops can support approximately 140kg per square metre, with solar panels weighing about 20kg per square metre. This implies a 15% increase in dead load per square metre.

While the weight of the roof is generally not a major concern, all roof structures should be assessed by a professional installer for their strength and robustness.

Choosing The Right Solar Panel Installation Size

The appropriate installation size depends on your energy consumption and the number of people in your home. Additionally, your available roof space will limit the number of panels you can install. If the desired system size requires too many panels, consider opting for larger-sized panels. Our table here includes calculations based on 250W panels to aid your decision-making.

Solar Panel System Size

Suited House Size

Roof Space*

Number of Panels*


1-2 People




2-3 People




3-4 People




4-5 People



*Assuming standard solar panel size of 250W and a standard solar panel dimensions of 1.89m x 1m = 1.89m2

Selecting The Right Solar Panels For Your Home

In conclusion, selecting the right solar panels for your home involves careful consideration of both the size and dimensions of the panels. The choice you make will impact the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your solar system.

With a range of options available in the UK market, it's important to balance your energy needs with the physical constraints of your property. By consulting with Renewable Energy Management (REM) and leveraging their expertise in connecting homeowners with our installers, you can simplify the process and ensure that you find a solar panel solution that is both efficient and economical.

Remember, investing in solar energy not only reduces your carbon footprint but also offers long-term financial benefits, making it a wise choice for a sustainable future.


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